Vom Hause Earnest Rottweilers

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Rottweiler Breeder in Atlanta, Georgia

Rottweiler stud service to females of merit.


My Rottweiler Males come from the best bloodlines in Germany and Europe.


Enzo vom hause Earnest - Male Rottweiler

Barbossa-Rotvis od Vadanora


Bella von der Moscono Ranch

HD +/- / ED frei

Enzo vom hause Earnest

Kane-Earnest vom hause Riley  - Male Rottweiler

Barbossa-Rotvis od Vadanora


Lady von der Stark

HD / ED frei

Kane-Earnest vom hause Riley

Here at vom hause Earnest I selectivly pick my males to have for large top skulls with big muzzles, thick robust chests and exceptional structure. The male does not carry most of the traits, the Rottweiler male just adds and enhances the Rottweiler female traits, therefore it is important to have a sound substantial female.  My males love to play with the ball, play fetch and tug-o-war. They have great prey drive and stack in the ring like a natural champion. If you would like a Rottweiler puppy from one of our breedings please check out our litters page.