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My Rottweiler females come from the best bloodlines in Germany and Europe.


Asta vom hause Earnest - Female Rottweiler

Astor von Junipera


Funf von der Stark

HD / ED frei

Female Rottweiler

Isabella From Royal Breed - Female Rottweiler

Cochise From Royal Breed


Dita Von V.D.O.

HD A / ED 0

Isabella From Royal Breed

Lili Earl Antonius - Female Rottweiler

Tito Earl Antonius


Cigi Earl Antonius

HD +/- / ED frei

Lili Earl Antonius

Genworks Pria vom hause Earnest - Female Rottweiler

Barbossa-Rotvis od Vadanora


Zorion von der Alten Festung

HD / ED frei

Here at vom hause Earnest I selectivly pick my female Rottweilers from the best bloodlines available in Germany and Europe. The female carries most of the traits, not the males. It is very important to choose a quality female that has bone, substance, temperament, and drive for your breeding program. If you would like a Rottweiler puppy from one of our breedings please check out our litters page.